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Blog Action Day in Black & White I was sitting thinking "How does Blog Action Day" translate into my world... Sure, I could go down the turn your PC off route, but no, not today... I was thinking of what it means in relation to me, and how climate change, global warming and etc are related to power consumption and the way we use the planet. What does that all have to do with me as a concert photographer? What is the first thing you think of when you go to a big concert (no, after the music.. no, not the hot dogs outside... no, not the cute security guards...) that's right, well done, the lights... the seven MILLION watt lights that are trying to set the band on fire (Unless you're shooting / visiting Scala in London where the lights would be bettered if a candle were lit and placed in the middle of the stage!!) and the transport, yep.. and what about the fans and their transport? all costs our planet a lot more than we probably think about...

Did you know that it takes U2 a convoy of about 50 trucks carrying stage components, lighting, TV screens and sound equipment to get from gig to gig?

Did you know that Radiohead on their last tour encouraged car pooling, chose urban venues with strong transport links that were easy to get to on public transport, used low emission LED lighting, chose a tour itinerary that kept air freight to a minimum, recycled all food and drink packaging.

So, I've popped together a collection of black and white images that show "Light use" at some of the concerts I have photographed in the last couple of years... Maybe we need to find a more responsible way to light / power these rolling monoliths... and don't forget, there are the concerts with the lights and the power and the noise, but think about all the things related to those concerts?... transport, venues heating or cooling all the way down to the power taken to print the tickets... why not give everyone a secret number! quote the number, get a pass! :: Yep, 2:09am and I'm in need of sleep, so without further ado, here's a set of images that in my opinion spell "entertainment wastage"except for Alice in Chains, they only used ONE light... grrrr (Didn't matter, I was singing baby!) :: Hope you've enjoyed my take on Blog Action Day as it applies to me.


Dave Matthews Band

The Prodigy


Benicassim 2009

Counting Crows

Alice in Chains

Linkin Park

Linkin Park


Bullet For my Valentine


Nine Inch Nails

Avenged Seven Fold

Black gives way to blue | Alice in Chains

A mate mentioned that he was listening to the new Alice in Chains stuff and said that, incredulously, it's "the best they've ever done" Now, while I'm very musically fair and will give anything a couple of listens before I bin it, I thought "how can that be?!" - What about Grind and ... well, everything else A.I.C have ever done?!


Unlike most office workers, I have a "Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 505-Watt 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System" attached to my pc, and yes, that is a 10" sub woofer attached and under my desk, I'm not even close to pleased to see you... I like my music and listen to it all day - I've actually never considered that people don't like my taste (I do have two different pairs of Sennheiser headphones just in-case the tension is running high!)

Well - I have had (This review copy) of Black Gives Way To Blue on for most of the day and I have to say - Alice in Chains have amazed me. The recreation with new front man WILLIAM DUVALL has been a success - There was much talk in the camp "will he fill Layne's boots" ...I don't think it was a case of filling them, nobody ever could really.. But the guy is magic, he's awesome on stage, sounds brilliant... I'm 2:05 into Acid Bubble and loving it - some differences, but hell, he's not Layne. I've photographed the "new" AIC twice now, once at Sonisphere and once at Scala in London (Where I managed a mention on the AIC blog - see if you can work out where!)

Mr. Jerry Cantrell

They are amazing. The recreation is superb. Click this link and buy the album - don't think, just do it. Black Gives Way To Blue | Alice in Chains

This album doesn't get stars - it gets listened to, over and over again and gets bought by me on Vinyl and CD - Jerry's guitar solo from 2:10 in "Private Hell [Explicit]" so good


Fletcher memorial home?...

dripI tried very hard to get some time in front of Pearl Jam while they're out here on their European tour... Three songs, that's all I wanted... Well, I was turned down by the brilliantly infamous Barbara Charone (BC) and then turned down by the equally efficient and authoritative Sarah Hall - Both of them as graceful as that photo of the swan I once snapped (see infamous swan to left, not BC or Sarah!) I thought to myself, hell, there's no point NOT emailing Sarah again - just to try, but not push, my luck.. This is what I penned.. Hi Sarah, I know that sometimes you must get VERY bored, hearing from people like me, but then - you never get anywhere by not asking, right? wondered if any places had become available for any of the PJ shows for another photographer? (Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam within a couple of weeks of each other and my life would be complete, honest!) I hope you're not seriously annoyed at my repeated email and that instead (waves jedi hand) that you have a space that I could fill! All the best, Sime

Simon "annoyingly persistent, but will bugger off if told to do so" Pollock music photographer

So, With my email sent I expected to never hear from Sarah again - To my dismay, an email arrived not two minutes later with the follow message...

Hi Simon

Don't worry - persist away! Although I'm afraid we haven't got any spare passes whatsoever. Really sorry! x

The message even came with its own "x" on the end, so, Sarah wasn't angry - or, her reply was sweet, but with the deftly pointedness of an angry ninja, but with a kiss at the end... Well, thus ends my quest to shoot Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam within a couple of weeks of each other - my life dream....Or do I ask again, after all - it is BC that say's "never take NO for an answer"

Since 1937, Earls Court

I guess with that life goal stubbed into the ground like a well smoked Winny blue, all I have left is to hope that Pink Floyd will re-form and ask me along to document their final world tour, culminating in a Dave Gilmour guitar solo that sees me led on stage and set alight whilst tethered to a gigantic flying bed...

Pigs might fly!


Relevant? Alice in Chains at Scala

Layne is dead, RIP Layne, Alice in Chains continue on... I was just reading a post over on blabbermouth about the gig the other night, some people make me laugh... Anyway, here's a shot that I like from the Scala gig... As I've said, one of the best gigs I've been to in years... Alice in Chains totally rocked Scala and everyone I spoke to about the gig totally loved it... I was the singing photographer mentioned on the Alice in Chains website and hell, I'm proud of it... Jerry Cantrell - Alice in Chains

Remember the scene out of Singles, the movie... Where it cuts to Alice in Chains playing "It Ain't like that" on stage? That's what made me love the band...

Here's the one from the movie...

Here's another one... man, what a song live... amazing...