Black tears

After watching some show on the ABC t'other night that had Bernard Fanning and his new band on, I was thinking about this song he / Powderfinger wrote, Black Tears, it was a nod to Cameron Doomadgee,  the Aboriginal man that died in custody, or not... depending on which story you read.. Anyways, I just like it.. Here's my #oneTakeMondays version... [mp3t track="" caption="by Simon" ind="n" vol="75" style="bigger2" bold="n"]


Fresh off the boat...

Morning all! It's Sunday night her ein Melbourne, I've finally made that move back across the ocean, car, baby, container and all... Living with family for a little while until our stuff arrives, I have the essentials (camera) and am excited about being 'home' and all the associated gubbins... I've flicked a few emails around looking to shoot some music - I shall see what comes of it! I'll be in Coffs Harbour for a month, and hope to get a couple of gigs in up there - should be fun! Thailand on the way home was lovely, well, parts of it were... Phuket, yeah nah... Khaolak was great though...

But enough of that... I've had to pop over the road to Maccas to post, update, email and work - internet here in Aus isn't what I'm used to! (Heidi, you were right!) so, more on that later, Telstra?

I've started a list of venues in Melbourne I'd like to shoot at, so we'll post on that in the coming week - see what we can rustle up (when I say 'we' I mean 'me' and have no idea why I said 'we' actually)

Things to ponder (Coming up this week)

  • Japan photographic fund raiser?
  • Photowalk in Melbourne in a month or two.
  • D.I.Y (ugh)
  • Photography in your local community.

Hope you're all well! Post a comment, say hello...



Just visiting...

So, this web page you're on, it's largely just my place to blurt out thoughts and stuff I find interesting and pop up a post or twenty about gigs I've had the good fortune to photograph... I don't actively promote my website aside from the tweet about a gig with a link or some such lark, however, there are some people that rely on their websites to sell their products - photos is what I'm specifically talking about - and so they are interested in numbers much more than I ever would be... but I have just reinstalled statcounter on, alongside Google analytics, I used statcounter exclusively and as it's still storing my history, I thought it was interesting to lok at the numbers of unique visitors to my blog over the last three years... In 2008, I had 10,890 unique visitors who read 13,910 individual pages of content... 2,558 of them became returning visitors... what does that tell you? that your content is crap... or, to put it nicely, your content is 'niche'

In 2009, I had 7,844 unique visitors who read 10,538 individual pages of content... 1,803 of them were returning visitors... that tells you that your content is only getting more and more 'niche' read: rubbish

so, 2010 I was more actively posting actual readable content, not just mental ramblings from 2am... more stuff about tech, real world and much more photography...

In 2010, I had 26,356 unique visitors who read 54,731 individual pages of content... 8,037 of those people bothered to come back...

I made more sense to people in 2010, or, had people become used to my random brand of stupidity, humour and silliness?

Either way, Happy New Year to the ragged lot of you that do visit, please say hello below in the comments.

Getting Late