Fletcher memorial home?...

dripI tried very hard to get some time in front of Pearl Jam while they're out here on their European tour... Three songs, that's all I wanted... Well, I was turned down by the brilliantly infamous Barbara Charone (BC) and then turned down by the equally efficient and authoritative Sarah Hall - Both of them as graceful as that photo of the swan I once snapped (see infamous swan to left, not BC or Sarah!) I thought to myself, hell, there's no point NOT emailing Sarah again - just to try, but not push, my luck.. This is what I penned.. Hi Sarah, I know that sometimes you must get VERY bored, hearing from people like me, but then - you never get anywhere by not asking, right? wondered if any places had become available for any of the PJ shows for another photographer? (Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam within a couple of weeks of each other and my life would be complete, honest!) I hope you're not seriously annoyed at my repeated email and that instead (waves jedi hand) that you have a space that I could fill! All the best, Sime

Simon "annoyingly persistent, but will bugger off if told to do so" Pollock music photographer http://gtvone.com

So, With my email sent I expected to never hear from Sarah again - To my dismay, an email arrived not two minutes later with the follow message...

Hi Simon

Don't worry - persist away! Although I'm afraid we haven't got any spare passes whatsoever. Really sorry! x

The message even came with its own "x" on the end, so, Sarah wasn't angry - or, her reply was sweet, but with the deftly pointedness of an angry ninja, but with a kiss at the end... Well, thus ends my quest to shoot Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam within a couple of weeks of each other - my life dream....Or do I ask again, after all - it is BC that say's "never take NO for an answer"

Since 1937, Earls Court

I guess with that life goal stubbed into the ground like a well smoked Winny blue, all I have left is to hope that Pink Floyd will re-form and ask me along to document their final world tour, culminating in a Dave Gilmour guitar solo that sees me led on stage and set alight whilst tethered to a gigantic flying bed...

Pigs might fly!