Black gives way to blue | Alice in Chains

A mate mentioned that he was listening to the new Alice in Chains stuff and said that, incredulously, it's "the best they've ever done" Now, while I'm very musically fair and will give anything a couple of listens before I bin it, I thought "how can that be?!" - What about Grind and ... well, everything else A.I.C have ever done?!


Unlike most office workers, I have a "Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 505-Watt 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System" attached to my pc, and yes, that is a 10" sub woofer attached and under my desk, I'm not even close to pleased to see you... I like my music and listen to it all day - I've actually never considered that people don't like my taste (I do have two different pairs of Sennheiser headphones just in-case the tension is running high!)

Well - I have had (This review copy) of Black Gives Way To Blue on for most of the day and I have to say - Alice in Chains have amazed me. The recreation with new front man WILLIAM DUVALL has been a success - There was much talk in the camp "will he fill Layne's boots" ...I don't think it was a case of filling them, nobody ever could really.. But the guy is magic, he's awesome on stage, sounds brilliant... I'm 2:05 into Acid Bubble and loving it - some differences, but hell, he's not Layne. I've photographed the "new" AIC twice now, once at Sonisphere and once at Scala in London (Where I managed a mention on the AIC blog - see if you can work out where!)

Mr. Jerry Cantrell

They are amazing. The recreation is superb. Click this link and buy the album - don't think, just do it. Black Gives Way To Blue | Alice in Chains

This album doesn't get stars - it gets listened to, over and over again and gets bought by me on Vinyl and CD - Jerry's guitar solo from 2:10 in "Private Hell [Explicit]" so good