Week Two | #52Env

Week two.... Something different! Week one we collected rubbish, that was interesting and is continuing - despite the funny looks. Week two we thought we'd make a change as a family - it's not a 100% change, it's a step in the right direction though! We've changed toilet paper... Yes, you read right - toilet paper....  



We were sitting at the bird display in Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo recently and they gave a lot of information about toilet paper and how it, and the 27,500 trees cut down daily to be used as toilet paper can have an impact on the environment - things like;

  • Animal habitat
  • Air purification
  • Sustainability

I've not researched these things fully, and I'm no rocket scientist, but I think if we can change gradually away from less sustainable to more sustainable products - easier on the environment products, then great! So, week two - we swapped to this three ply toilet paper...


You can find out more about Green Soft on their website or they're also on Facebook

Taken from their "About" have a read.... "Green Soft is the world's first premium quality toilet tissue that uses NO TREES in the production process. Made from bamboo, straw, reed and cotton waste from the fashion industry Green Soft is the first product to be produced by Saved A Tree." - yep, that works for me!

Their mission, should you so choose to read along.... "Our mission is to save some of the 21-million tonnes of trees that are felled each year just to produce toilet paper. The commercially grown bamboo used to create Green Soft toilet tissue can regrow to harvesting size in 4-6 weeks, unlike 40 years for a tree." - Yep, that's good too!


Oh, yeah, it's not so bad on the cheeks either.... I knew you were all wondering!


Week One | #52Env

52 for the environment, it's the project I chose to do this year. One a week, in place of a photographic type thing (specifically) I'm going to find something to do to help this planet of ours, you can read more about my motivations here.   This isn't that photo. This is a snap I took with my iPhone - leave only footprints.

A photo of the Sawtell headland sunset as taken with my iphone


Well, this week - week one - I thought I'd best start with a simple straight up 'emu bob' that's what they called it when I was at school - they'd bugger off the cleaners and get the school kids out to walk along and pick up rubbish - looking like a bunch of Emus bobbing up and down. Well, I picked up 16 bits of plastic, two crushed cans, two beer bottles - one that was blazing hot in a massive park of dry grass - nice one, idiots. and a plethora of other crap.... from an unused (still packaged, kids) condom to half a bicycle peddle. (really? where the hell is the other half?)

I said I wasn't going to make this a photo project, but there has to be SOME aspect of photography... I took one photograph with my iPhone...

You know, the funny thing about this little project of mine, when I started the walk I was walking along with my 3yo, he was pushing his truck... I had a plastic bag and was simply picking up bits of rubbish, stuff that people have carelessly let fall to the ground, and yes, I'm sure at some point I've done it too! -- But the weird bit came when we made it to the park. Aside form the weird ninja guy that likes to park his pushbike (on its stand) and ninja kick one of the street signs, there were a handful of people in and around the park - sitting in the sun, talking, eating, walking and running, and there I was - slowly wandering around the park, Seb and M half a footy oval away, picking up empty beer bottles and junk - and it FELT WEIRD.... I was sure people were looking at me thinking "What the hell is that guy doing?"

Are we too cool to pick up the rubbish we drop? Thoughts?