The Coffee situation...

Well "situation" is a bit dramatic really, isn't it... I don't have a coffee situation though some of you may say I do... espresso_cost_melbourne_Australia_coffee_supreme

I've been wondering "why is coffee so expensive in Australia" and that thought coupled with "should I be buying locally to support local growers and a slowly dying market" has added up to a tiny bit of research... ongoing research... but research that start here. Tonight.

I thought I'd start by working out what I was paying, roughly but you know.. work it out.. So, 1kg of Coffee Supreme "Supreme Blend" beans costs me $40.00 (AUD) and that bag of beans lasts me almost invariably two weeks... I worked out (And I say roughly as I'm sure I missed a couple and a couple of them were consumed by Kate, too, so it works out even) that I made around 51 cups of coffee. Of those cups, I'd say about 10 contained milk, mostly though - this month - espresso. (looks down at stomach, waves)

I won't go down the machine depreciation, water, electricity, milk and time costs in this blog post (but will at some point) ....however, just based on beans alone, my coffees cost me around $0.78 each...

How much does your regular coffee "from the shop" cost you?  Answers below, please!