threesixtysix | 002

I won't be posting all of my threesixtyfive self portrait images, but I will be posting some of them... I missed one or two days last time, this time - I don't want to miss a thing... threesixtysix | 002

1/100th | f2.8 | iso100 | canon 5DMk2 | canon 24-70f2.8L

Did I just make reference to a Aerosmith song? - Let's just say it was a reference to Liv Tyler instead, shall we?

threesixtysix | 001

I started this thing called threesixtyfive on the 2nd of September, 2007 - That seems like a lifetime away right now, as I sit in my newly transformed kitchen with my new coffee mug and think back on what I've done in the last couple of years. Well, threesixtysix is upon us - well, upon me! AND upon whoever else is going to join in... A year from now there will have been MORE big changes and I may even be sitting in a different house in a different town in a different country - who can tell? I started on the wrong (but so right) foot, I took this photo today, Friday the 13th of November - But hadn't adjusted my camera's daylight saving settings - I've changed the time on the shot so I don't get confused.

threesixtysix | 001

1/200th | f8.0 | iso100 | canon 5DMk2 | canon 24-70f2.8L

...and so it begins, wish me luck here or on flickr or on twitter or on facebook