The Rancilio Affair - An Update

Prototype wooden base number one happened last weekend… I say ‘Prototype’ as I stuffed up a cut, put it in the wrong spot and left the base having to be cut upside down, still, good experience! The glue up worked great, the clamps were fine, the process without an electric planer was totally fine.

I used a couple of my old Stanley Tools hand planes, and my Bosh orbital sander and brought the piece back to flat, well, flat enough for the prototype…

It taught me that cutting out the timber that I needed to remove to sit the drip-tray in, was a long old job without the dado set on my table saw, but it also taught me that maybe I should have whipped up a router sled type jig - which I might for next time…

Anyway, so you don’t fall asleep from boredom, here are a few photos of the weekend’s progress (if you don’t progress, but you get stuff done, is it still called progress?)

Also stripped out the entire internals of my little Rancilio, was cheered on by Rancilio USA over on Instagram, so, no pressure then! Haha…

More to follow.

The Rancilio

I’ve had this old Rancilio Silvia V3.0 for a few years now, and if it had a coffee counter on it, I’d say it’s done its time… Anyway, one of the things that has happened to Silvia is that she’s rusted out! Good Italian steel? My old Alfa Romeo was a rust bucket, too, I still miss it…


Yeah, she looked good from a distance, but up close, well…

Anyway, Silvia, she she’s rusted, she’s had her boiler replaced once, she needs a new over-pressure valve, but I want to keep her going, so I’ve started this project to rebuild her, slightly differently to what she originally way. There will be updates along the way for any of you that are interested, and for those of you that are not, here’s a collection of some of my cups of coffee from around the world.

I could tell you which one was my fave…

I could tell you which one was my fave…

Yeah, so, the start of the renovation (Can you renovate a coffee machine?) was the taking it apart and starting work to cut out some rust… Enough with words, pictures.

On the bench…

On the bench…

The insides…

The insides…

Yep, coffee machine porn… Well, rust porn, I dunno.

Yep, coffee machine porn… Well, rust porn, I dunno.

Photos with the Sony a7R Mk2 and the lovely FE f/1.4 35mm

I have undercoat and top coat on order, along with an over pressure valve and some replacement bits and pieces.

More next week, maybe, or the week after!

Back where there's nowhere to stay

I used to record songs when I was stuck for creativity, not for anything other than my own amusement / enjoyment etc, but there was that one time that I recorded a Neil Young track for my mum and dad, and dad, and after dragging out these old tracks tonight (I sent one to a friend for a laugh, hi Brittany, yes, I covered Britney!) I felt like sharing this one.

I only have one mum (more than one biological mum would be a bit tricky I suppose) but I have a couple of dads, and this can be for all of them I reckon. Not for the lyrics or the song particularly, or the song meaning, just for the memories of when they were young, sitting around listening to Neil and carrying on. For the vibe.

Here’s to the mum and dad’s in my life.


The Sony RX0 gets a sweet update

Sony announces new expanded multi-view shooting capabilities for the compact RX0 camera

Tldr: You can connect 100 RX0 cams together and make fun stuff, controlled by your computer.

Now, the long version....

New wired and wireless multi-camera solutions enable more flexibility and creativity

The pluggy bits go here...

The pluggy bits go here...

SYDNEY, 9 January 2018 – Sony, a worldwide leader in digital imaging and the world’s largest image sensor manufacturer, today announced new wired and wireless multi-camera solutions for the versatile RX0 that enable more flexibility, creativity and operability for today’s creators.

The RX0, announced at IFA 2017, brings the advanced imaging quality capabilities of Sony’s acclaimed RX camera line-up to a robust, waterproof1, ultra-compact body measuring approximately 59mm x 40.5mm x 29.8mm (WxHxD)2 and weighing just 110g3. The miniature dimensions and all-around versatility of the new camera make it a powerful tool when used either as a single unit or when combined together with additional RX0 cameras in multi-angle, multi-view shooting situations. For flexible mounting options in tight spaces, the camera features a complete symmetrical lens position and an image flip function, adding to its wide range of creative potential.

Jump everybody, jump every.... yeah

Jump everybody, jump every.... yeah


The compact RX0 camera offers two different types of solutions for multiple camera shooting and control, which include a wired solution for precisely accurate camera synchronisation and control, and a wireless solution for added convenience and flexibility.

New RX0 wired multi-view shooting with Camera Control Box

Man balances in mid-air!

Man balances in mid-air!


Sony has announced a new accessory Camera Control Box (model CCB-WD1) that connects to the RX04 and enables PC control with web browser5 via wired IP (internet protocol) connection. By converting control signal to IP, camera settings can be reliably controlled6 from a single connected PC from any location. A wired connection of Camera Control Box also allows for much seamless control and synchronisation of multiple pairs of RX0 cameras and Camera Control Boxes – up to 100 units7 in total – enabling creators to produce high quality movie effects like “bullet-time” or virtual reality, or to shoot high profile events from unique angles.

When using multiple pairs of RX0 cameras and camera control boxes, settings of all connected cameras can be changed simultaneously. In this configuration, the cameras can also be set to all start/stop recording at the same time. Additionally, a video sync function is also available, allowing frame timing to easily synchronise between cameras frame by frame. This reduces any time gaps between cameras and supports the process of stitching multiple images together to create special effects.

Files can also be transferred directly to the connected PC8, with the ability to assign and change file names to avoid any confusion when dealing with multiple cameras. In total, up to 1007 separate RX0 cameras and CCB-WD1 Camera Control Boxes can be linked together for a live-view multi-camera feed. Additionally, via Camera Control Box, shooting settings, shooting methods and more can be freely programmed by the user.

Improved wireless multi-view shooting with new PlayMemoriesTM Mobile application

Sony’s latest version 6.2 of its PlayMemories Mobile application expands the multi-camera control capabilities when paired with the RX04. With the new version of the mobile application, users will be able to link their smartphone or tablet to up to 50 RX0 cameras via an access point9 to control them simultaneously10. In addition to the current ability to change key camera settings, all connected cameras can be turned ON/OFF together11, and users have the ability to control and shoot by separately assigned camera ‘groups’.

The new PlayMemories Mobile application version 6.2 will be available in Australia at the end January 2018.

The new CCB-WD1 Camera Control Box will be available in Australia from February 2018.

Download Sony's presser just here