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Interesting really, this whole digital photography thing... Taking photos of people or for people at small gigs or large gigs... Then them getting hold of one or two images via your website or blog or flickr and using them and then asking "why" when you suggest they should have a. asked b. paid or c. be invoiced for usage...

Time is Money

I had someone suggest that they had "already paid for an image" recently when I questioned them on why it was on four different press websites... They reply was "We asked you for web use" To which I replied "Yes, web use for your website" which they replied "Oh, we didn't realise" --Yep, That's a cop-out right there folks, let me give you a scenario... I ask them to send an pr person / event organiser to my office to talk about an event, he or she arrives, we have our meeting complete with cups of tea and maybe a cupcake or four, he or she gets up to leave and I say "oh, no... you're not leaving, there's four more people waiting to ask you about events... and it's all part of the deal!"

After a number of emails back and forth, the person in question decided that they would sort it out, and after an email today they've replied saying we'll organise payment either today or Monday, remains to be seen.

What's your view? If it's on the internet it's going to get used, BUT, I hate seeing images with big watermarks... What would you prefer? potential misuse of images or a dirty big watermark?