New iPhone No more Data from o2

O2 has destroyed its policy of letting customers use unlimited amounts of data [porn] on their mobile devices, in response to a rapid [who are you kidding!]  increase in data consumption on its network. So, If you were the executives at o2 and you watched Stevie Jobs (as opposed to Stevie Nicks) announce that the new iPhone could manage 720p video at 30fps ...and that it could be edited on the device and then re-uploaded to YouTube... Wouldn't you start to worry about your potential bandwidth costs going through the roof?

Let's assume for a second that o2 buy bandwidth from Level3 at say.. 0.04p per GB? How many users do o2 have? No idea... How much bandwidth is that? no idea - a LOT... but it's still VERY cheap

From that date, new and upgrading customers will get up to 500MB of data on tariffs of £25-£35 a month; or 750MB on £40-£45 a month; or 1GB on £60 a month. Anyone who signs up or upgrades before 24 June will have no cap on their data. Those starting a new contract on or after that date will get unlimited data until 1 October, after which the caps will kick in.

And, further to the iPhone, those peeps that get their dirty Apple fan-boy mits on the iPad 3G are going to gobble up more bandwidth than a porn spammed grannies computer... So, whilst I think o2 are missing a trick here, I also see their point...

My question is, what will happen wo the data plans of the other networks when the o2 plans kick in, will they follow suit? Three? Will you cap my data? Vodafone... What will you do? T-Mobile, I won't mention you as you're nasty...

What are your thoughts on o2 squishing their dirty hands around the bandwidth pipe?