What do YOU do to de-stress?

*warning : this post isn't really anything to do with music photography!* One of the dPS forum members asked me today "What do YOU do to de-stress" and honestly, I couldn't think of any good answers... What DO I do to de-stress? Unless you count live music and photography as a way for me to de-stress, then I guess "nothing" is the answer... How do you know when you're stressed? Does it sneak up on you and mug you like a sucker in the street (Maybe while you're photographing the back streets of Brixton?)

@gtvone with a headache

I usually look a lot like the photo above when I'm (I think) stressed.. And, what I look like when I'm not stressed is something like the photo below...


Yep - I turn into a woman with blonde hair... It's true!

As a warning, I wanted to post some photos of what you could possibly look like if you were in the demonic clutches of stress... This is not a definitive collection of "stress images" for example, if you're a woman, you're not likely to look like one of the people in the following photo...







That said, you CAN avoid stress with one of these new "STRESS DEFENCE SYSTEMS"


How do you deal with stress? I'd like your comments please.... Hell, I may need them? I listen to music... Sometimes... And right at the moment, I'm listening to Si Connelly's "Stars will Fall" (listen to it by clicking the play button on the little player)