Who is Simon Pollock?

And then there were two...Simon Pollock is just new on the London music scene, but he's not there to wow the crowd with his amazing (!) singing talent, oh no, he's there to capture the action, the emotion and the passion as it happens. He's thirty five this year and he spends way to much time wondering about photographing music, musicians and live concerts. He is a tall Australian, London based music photographer, and we guess it's safe to say. Slowly but thouroughly establishing himself, picking gigs that suit his style - a wide range of acts from the quiet melodic tones of Kevin Pearce to the Thunderous bass smack down that is The Prodigy. Simon is looking for more work, commissioned work as a music photographer, hoping to pick up a small commission here and there, he is getting his portfolio together - and after losing his entire website and blog to his wonderful (ex)host last week is rebuilding his gallery and replacing his lost blog posts one at a time. If youhappen to be a PR agency looking to hire a talented music photographer for a live / recorded music event, party or function, please use the form below to get in touch. Simon enjoys Jasmine tea, Canon cameras and talking about himself in the third person.[contact-form 1 "gtvone.com"]