"oh god of photography"

NO VIDEO ON FLICKR | THANKS"Seems a little smug to me, oh god of photography – handing out tips to ppl who may not want or need them" - See, this is the type of attitude that the world has these days. "Don't talk to anyone, Don't help anyone" I'm not claiming to be "The God of Photography" and I'm certainly no (Quite clearly that's *insert name of whoever inspires you and your photography* - I know my way around a camera, even blind folded... I look after a Digital Photography Forum with 50,000 members, I shoot daily... I saw someone that looked like she could use some help and offered it - if you took the time to read my post, anon, you'd have noticed that the first lines said "I thought of a new way of passing on photo tips, if per chance someone wanted them" - If the people of the world stopped and helped each other a bit more often, we'd have a nicer place and less people with an attitude like yours. For the rest of you normal human beings with some ability to help others for free - keep on doing it.