Gave you my card?

I thought of a new way of passing on photo tips, if per chance someone wanted them. As I stepped off the tube tonight, I handed a random person with a camera my card - She was standing on the platform at Hammersmith with her headphones on, snapping shots of the "Mind the gap" that's painted on the platform edge. Funny, she reminded me of me just a little bit. Mind?

She was using a Nikon D40x from what I could tell (Couldn't quite see) with a f1.8 50mm lens on it... Great combo.

When you're taking photos, just remember to take a second to compose your shot - I noticed your "mind the gap" was right at the top of your frame - I was peeking at your viewfinder - It might be more visually appealing if it's leading into the frame, or interestingly in the middle / off to one side. I also noticed you were snapping off frames with one hand - I do that from time to time, that's OK, but you're always going to get less shake when you hold your camera with two hands.

Question: You were using manual focus, is that just a preference?

Anyway - Please pop over to Digital Photography School if you'd like any more camera tips.