Delete multiple Facebook messages at once 2013

I've searched around to find a solution for getting rid of a couple of years worth of junk / business page / spam messages on Facebook - there used to be a handy Chrome plugin, that's dead and gone. I found a nifty Javascript shortcut that will work. Here's a quick how-to and a link to the JS. 1. Add the "Delete all Facebook messages" link below to your Bookmarks bar so that you can see it, eg;

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 12.09.40 AM

THIS IS THE LINK [click / drag / drop on bookmarks bar]

2. Go to Facebook and go into your messages view, either archived or main messages window or spam, and then click the bookmark you've created - your address bar may rapidly change a few times. You will most likely get a pop up that says "this will be deleted forever blah blah" and you will most likely have to click the shortcut a few times to get 'em all... better than opening each one and deleting manually.

If you're crap a following the instructions I've penned for you, here's a dude to talk you through it. [and the original link - it worked for me]

Facebook Privacy - Matter to you?

I have a close friend that was recently a little concerned when someone she didn't know commented on a photo of her little boy that she had uploaded to Facebook. This week, my Facebook privacy tip is about "How to upload your photos to Facebook so that only the people you want to see them actually see them" I'll just give it to you in simple, easy to follow form... We'll start from when you're logged in and looking at your profile.

First, you click on the photo upload button...

Facebook Privacy Settings How To

Once clicked, select the image you're looking to share and pop in your text...

Facebook Privacy Settings How To

Once you're happy with your description / text, click on the little drop down beside the word 'post' and you will see a list of options.

  • Public - Is just that, anyone can see your photo.
  • Friends - Your friends, we'll assume people you actually know.
  • Friends except acquaintances - These are people that I consider 'casual contacts' like maybe a person you met at the park, don't really know...
  • Only me - that's only you, not me... Just a way to post a photo to yourself as a record / idea etc.. Your own personal album perhaps?
  • Custom - In custom, you could post a photo and only allow two of your friends to see it, for example, I photographed a friend's baby, and just wanted them to be able to see the photo - I added them individually to the custom tab and then only shared the image with them. Keep in mind that next time you use the custom option, it will still be sharing with those previously selected. (So, if it was your mum last time and your mates this time, well.. I'll let you explain that one!)
With Custom, you can also hide an image from certain people, as you can see in the image below, I'm only sharing the photo with my friend, Katie...

So you've selected your sharing option... Now you just upload, knowing that you have a little more control over who is looking at what.

Here's what it looks like when you share with everyone, everywhere...

Facebook Privacy Settings How To

If you have any Facebook sharing / privacy questions, you're welcome to ask in the comments below!

Mick Rock The photos made by a legend

I'm off to a private view at Idea Generation Gallery of the new Mick Rock exhibition. If you don't know who Mick is and you're into your music photography - check him out. Here's a short video to help you along the way. Mick Rock Exposed from Idea Generation Gallery on Vimeo.

So, further to last night, it was a typical opening, killed by the staff - first thing I heard when I arrived at the 'Door staff' was (from one to another as if I were not there??!) "we shouldn't let too many in!" ...ah, yeah, I'm on your VIP list bitch, now move it...(not what I said, but what crossed my mind)

That set the tone for the rest of my time at the exhibition... I've been to many private views, none so stuffy as this - a real shame as there were many great images! So, how did I overcome the initial bitch-fest? Put my headphones on, listened to Alice in Chains and checked out Mick's work...

There's more that I found off-putting, mire on that later.