Mick Rock The photos made by a legend

I'm off to a private view at Idea Generation Gallery of the new Mick Rock exhibition. If you don't know who Mick is and you're into your music photography - check him out. Here's a short video to help you along the way. Mick Rock Exposed from Idea Generation Gallery on Vimeo.

So, further to last night, it was a typical opening, killed by the staff - first thing I heard when I arrived at the 'Door staff' was (from one to another as if I were not there??!) "we shouldn't let too many in!" ...ah, yeah, I'm on your VIP list bitch, now move it...(not what I said, but what crossed my mind)

That set the tone for the rest of my time at the exhibition... I've been to many private views, none so stuffy as this - a real shame as there were many great images! So, how did I overcome the initial bitch-fest? Put my headphones on, listened to Alice in Chains and checked out Mick's work...

There's more that I found off-putting, mire on that later.