Packing the Yashicaflex in the thinkTank TurnStyle 10

This one's for you, Laviotette!

A quick pack up of the thinkTankPhoto TurnStyle 10 with my Yashicaflex 635, Zeiss Ikon, Sony RX100Mk4, MindShift memory card wallet and my regular wallet (Bellroy) to show it opened and closed. 

See the original thread here

The thinkTank TurnStyle 10 with the Yashicaflex 635 and Zeiss Ikon inside.

For sizing, I've stuck a Zeiss 16-35 f/4.0 on the left, Zeiss Ikon, Yashicaflex 635 as well as Sony RX100Mk4 / Memory Card Wallet (MindShiftGear) and my own wallet in the front. 

Hope this helps some of you that want to pack light with a larger style / format camera and extra bits and pieces.