30 Days of Music that changed my world | Day One

Day One | Little Lies, Fleetwood Mac Inspired by  a lovely friend of mine, Nat-a-Maniac! I've decided to share 30 songs in 30 days that have had some emotional impact on me in my 36.6 years of life. Music really does have power to place you somewhere, to put you in or take you out of a mood. The first song I'm going to share is by Fleetwood Mac. Formed in 1967 ( I won't bore you, but here's some history)

The song I'm going to start with (No, not Dreams, though I do love it) is Little Lies, Christine McVie wrote this with her husband Eddy Quintela.

McVie: "The idea of the lyric is: If I had the chance, I'd do it differently next time. But since I can't, just carry on lying to me and I'll believe, even though I know you're lying."