I can't shoot music! I have a macro lens!

I had an email in via the support form today, from a rather distressed woman that had been given a lens for her birthday, by her husband, she wanted to photograph 'things that were far away' and 'landscape type stuff'' She was in all sorts of trauma "How can I possibly photograph anything with this lens!" [which was a modest f/3.5 55mm macro lens, from what I could gather] the lady was really in a spin... There are lenses that are better at some things than other things, for example, standing at the front of a stage with a 70-200 strapped on might get you a nice portrait, but it won't go far to helping you get a really wide shot of the stage, and a 16-35 f/2.8 might get you a good shot of the stage in less than ideal light, but it won't get you an emotionally close shot of the singer spurting his lungs into the Shure...

I was at a music festival with only a 100mm macro lens, wanting to take photos of what was happening, I had a little think about how I could make that shot a little bit more interesting... This is what I came up with

Can you photograph a landscape with a macro lens? Sure... Can you photograph a small beetle with a zoom lens? sure... You're just going to get different results, and, if those results are pleasing to your eye or if they fulfil your photographic requirements, then who cares if you're using a lens specified for x, as a lens to photograph y with.... [does that make sense?]

Your apples may be someone's lemons.