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Most of you know I manage social media for various companies, one of those is and, on that company's design board is David duChemin. I don't get a lot of time to read blog posts these days that are not somehow 'work related' (work for yourself they said, have all the time in the world 'they' said...!) *I would have placed a lovely Italian image of David's here, but I didn't have time to ask - so here's a link to it*

Today I followed a link in a tweet and found myself behind the bike shed with this article by David, entitled 'choose your risk' a small clipping below, please go to David's website, Pixelated Image, and read it in full... we all need to.

All those many words to say: don’t settle. Your dreams will be different than mine, but the regret for not living them will be the same. Life is short. Choose your risk intentionally, don’t try to avoid it. Live a great story; don’t settle for merely watching them. Whatever got stirred in you when I wrote the first blog post in the Life is Short category, I hope you’re moving towards it. Because those dreams are part of what it means to life to the fullest.

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