Think Tank Airport Take Off wins HOT ONE AWARD


Think Tank win yet another award for one of their brilliant camera bags, the Airport Take Off... You might say "How do you know it's brilliant, Pollock" Well, because I can see mine from here! I've had the Airport Take off since it was available and have used it extensively as a music photographer - I've not had one issue with it, it's as sturdy as a Toyota Hilux and twice as sexy! I can fit a small child in it (I've not actually tested, but I'm sure, given the chance, that my little boy would happily go to sleep in it with its comfy padding!) Oh, and did I mention that as well as a Roller, it's a Backpack as well? Uh Huh...

The "HOT ONE 2009" award comes from "Professional Photographer Magazine" and is coveted by gear makers everywhere... will publish the full list of winners in early 2010, but meanwhile - you can pick up your award winning bag directly from thinkTANK or in lots of good camera shops, globally.

I hope to have images of my Airport Take Off up shortly... but meanwhile, congratulations to all the guys at thinkTANK on another cracking product!



Images of the thinkTANK Airport Take Off