How much do music photographers make?

When you find out, will you please tell me? But seriously, I don't know... Every day or two I have a look at my Google Analytics and see what keywords or phrases are bringing people to my humble blogatory... Every single time, without fail, there are two keywords that stand out.

"Simon Pollock is a big noo noo head" and "How much do music photographers make?"

The first phrase comes to you, mostly, from Mr. Nathan Pask! he's the king of all Google keywords... the second phrase, well, it seems to come someone using comcast cable communications inc. from Denver...

Well, let me tell you - I am not a press photographer, I am not hired by a magazine, I am not a wire shooter or a band hired gun, I am a freelance lover of music and photography that will, one day,have a great portfolio to show to his grand kids - and, sadly, at this point, that is about it! - In short, my answer is unless you're commissioned to shoot by someone, not a lot.

How much did I make on this photo?

Check those buns!

The same as I made on this photo...

Legend in black and white smoke

...Nothing! But I'd do it again and again - Next year!