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I don't know Aaron Bixley, I just recieved an email through from a good friend and wanted to post about it here and let you know via twitter and other means... So, over the next 24 or so hours I will be on about it, a lot... Please bear with me. As you mostly all know, I've just welcomed my new little man, Sebastian, into the world and the thought of having to go through what Aaron has had to go through is heartbreaking. Please consider not spending your next £2.44 on a coffee at Starbucks and instead donating it via the links in this post or directly to TACT HERE Here is Aaron's letter for you to consider.

phoebeHello everyone (Apologies for the round robin),

Last year, in February, a beautiful baby girl was born called Phoebe. She arrived at 25 weeks gestation and was an amazingly brave human being.

We visited Phoebe every day in Leicester & Coventry;  I had to stop working to take care of my family & because we fell short of the benefit system, we were forced to live off Sarah's maternity pay.

Sarah & I shuttled to & from hospital every day for 10 months.  We very quickly got ourselves into debt with nursery fee's (for Phoebe's brother, Jude), our petrol fuel bill was running at £200 per week, hospital parking charges, hospital food, plus the normal cost of running a home!

When Sarah & I were at our lowest ebb, when Natwest refused extra credit, or a payment holiday on our mortgage, TACT stepped in & helped my family.  I’d always thought that Sarah & I were fairly ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.  When our life was thrown into turmoil, it was the help from TACT that touched & astonished us.

As you probably know, Phoebe died last November having never made it home. I took up running which gave me space to think about Phoebe & how happy she made me.

I'm taking part in the Virgin London Marathon 2010 on 25/04/2010 to raise money for TACT and I'd really appreciate your support. Phoebe couldn’t come home, so we took home to Phoebe.  By making a donation you are helping other families do the same.

It's easy to donate online with a credit or debit card - just go to my JustGiving page:


JustGiving sends your donation straight to TACT and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you're a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more. I hope you'll join me in supporting The Actors' Charitable Trust.

Thank you.


Aaron, best of luck with your run and your donation target.

Sime // gtvone.com