Take me to the Hospital

Thoughts for Friday... Old Skool version (Filmed on VHS!) of "Take me to the Hospital" by The Prodigy

I saw these guys crank this out live at Wembley earlier this year - after so many years, The Prodigy still smack your bitches up and have all the diesel power you could ever want... Here's a recreation of a photo I took at the gig, edited by Paul (really, very) Smart!

Keith Flint - The Prodigy

Well - It's FRIDAY! I have a "down" weekend, no gigs to speak of and a bit of kitchen planning, car researching time on my hands - I have quite a bit of editing to do, including some jazz shots that I took at the "Three B's" show at Indigo2 - "The Three Bs - Acker Bilk, Chris Barber, Kenny Ball"

Blowing your own horn.. Three B's

Now, on to more important topics... #followfriday - This is where peeps tag other peeps in their twitter feed... Sometimes stating why someone should be followed, but generally it's a suggestion by someone for other people to follow someone else... I thought I'd list a few on here today... In no particular order!

@bigcrustyape - Best Mate and an amazing photographer
@maxamphoto - All round good bloke, photographer, insomniac 
@hedgewytch - Little computer geek minx 
@fwump - Services to photography and one half of photographywired.com
@_disco - The other half of photographywired.com and a genuine, lovely fella
@tdnaylor - Best guitarist I know, Funny pelican loving kind of guy 
@jillm12 - A mysterious, lovely, reassuring person with a mad lust for Brandon Flowers 
@worldsporttv - My other life Worldsport.tv - The worlds greatest sports video / news website!
@pixelens - A top photog and a Canadian, all in one! 
@bandsonstage - A photo pit buddy and a darn fine shot.
@Moonshayde - Queen of Metal, Goddess with a camera. 
@helenboast - Hottest music photographer in the world?

Well, that's an interesting list, and by no means definitive. Just some different people that I see / interact with regularly that you should perhaps give the time of day.

I'll leave you with a song, one of my favourites and, quite meaningful to me...

Colin Hay, I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You... [podcast]http://gtvone.com/podcast/ijdtiegoy.mp3[/podcast]