How to pose a model, part one...

This is a VERY serious* post on just some of the ways you may pose a model at a club night, I will simply show you a set of images and you can try the ones that work best for you. Please note, all 'models' were under the influence of at least some alcohol, some were under the influence of about as much alcohol as a small jet plane burns between Sydney and Brisbane... [minor nsfw]

More after the *slurp* ....semi-graceful fall down the steps to the ladies room! [jump!]

*please note, there are two boobs after the jump! if you're offended by boobs, well* 

There's really only one place to go from here if you're not getting the 'coverage' you're after... (If a BOOB offends you, please, smash your screen NOW!) simply 'get 'em out' (Though, your friends may not like it so much!)

I hope this post has given you a grasp of what NOT to do when shooting club nights...

*yes, this post was a bit of a joke!*