iNQ Chat - Review from the deep!

I decided I'd spend some time to briefly review the iNQ Chat 3G, and as I don't have any time currently, I used the only slot I had and as a result, this review comes to you LIVE from a nice warm bath... It's alright though, you don't get to see the x-rated version...


iNQ Chat is a newly released "Social Mobile" and after using it extensively for three weeks, I slap it with 8 stars.

The music in the review (Which is what I had playing in the background) is FINK. The Audio was recorded with a RODE VideoMic. The Video was shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II in full HD and the resolution dropped a little to make it under the 2gb mark for YouTube. You can purchase the iNQ Chat directly from and you can read more about it at 3MobileBuzz

Here's the image I shot and TwitPic'd so you can see it at slightly better resolution than in the video. (Click for full res)


The cup and the feet

Enough now... Happy New Year!