INQ Mini 3g - First impressions

It's been almost twentyfour hours since I went into the 3 shop at Westfield. ...almost twentyfour hours since I was handed my INQ Mini 3G by the very helpful sales guy. First impressions are not to be "lived by" they're not always an accurate depiction of things to come, but they do tend to give you a semi-decent idea of "things to come" So, with that in mind, here's my list of things that I don't like all that much - so far. Keep in mind that this is also my first time using the Three network (on my own dime...) iNQ : First Impressions

  • The device has restarted by itself three times
  • When I unplugged it from my PC just now, my PC Blue screened
  • The space key is on the zero, rather than the # as with all other devices
  • You can't easily pull up a # Tag for twitter without pressing the # ket twice (to change the font size) and then hitting the * key
  • When using the Twitter app, I can't find a way to see messages @ me
  • Network seems to drop out more than any other network I've used - SW5 / W6  area (Compared to Vodafone)
  • USB headphones (#Fail)
  • A bit slow with multiple apps open (Skype, Facebook and Twitter)

Now, that's a bit of a list, but there are MANY good points to this device, too...

  • Standard USB connection - plugged straight into my Mac and PC and charged.
  • Sturdy feel
  • Good screen size for a small phone
  • Skype actually WORKS
  • Switching between apps works well if a little slow
  • Camera, despite being 2MP seems to work OK
  • It's small!
  • My wife always asks me what the temperature is - home screen current temperature is a god send!

These are first impressions, I dare say in a couple of days I will know exactly what we're dealing with... Until then, you can keep up to date with my thoughts on Twitter or via my RSS Feed