Cactus, Framing and the Olympus Pen Thingy... *gtvone podcasts*

Another QUALITY gtvone podcast... "Photography Monthly" over a cup of coffee... [podcast][/podcast]

Photo of the month came from Colin Millum above is pretty sweet, Nice one Colin! Hope you're having a great world trip! for Jason Hawkes "London At Night" photography book - shot from a chopper, quality!

Olympus PEN E-PL1, Camera Bags, WorldPressPhoto

There was Anna Evgen (Naked girl + Apple = Winner)

Johnsons Photopia who are most likely glowing from Focus

Martin Middlebrook - Old School Purist

....I won't list the rest, you can damn Google it!! Nice coffee, good songs - they were playing in the background, so I matched them up  -  Killers, Sam's Town, Cracking album - please go buy it.

Peace out... Sime