David Haye, George Groves - Boxing Clever!

George Groves capped a superb debut year as a professional with a mature, poised and hugely dominant performance over Belarussian champion Konstantin Makhankov on Saturday night... [more] George Groves and David Haye

Fighting on the Sky Box Office undercard of David Haye’s historic WBA World Heavyweight title triumph over human colossus Nickolai Valuev, Groves showed speed, movement, variety and a first rate jab that his tough Belarussian opponent had no answer to... [more]

David Haye at York Hall

Photos by ME Article (blatantly used without permission) by David of GrovesVDeGale

All I need is a punch in the face

Went along to York Hall tonight in London's East end... There were six fights, the one we went to film / shoot included our man St. George Groves - Out of Hammersmith, George is the key man, or, one of two key men on the website - Groves V DeGale George was lined up to fight Matthew Barr who apparently pulled out with a broken hand. Well, from Rock to Sock (him in the face!) Here's what I came away with. George-Groves



Not music? Boxing! David Haye...

I went along with the worldsport "team" to get a bit of "East London" into me... Specifically, we went to cover http://www.bringbackbunce.net/ - Or, "Bunce Live" as it's known. Now, I'm a fan of boxing, there's nothing like a good boxing match, but I'm not very knowledgeable! I didn't know who "Paddy" was, I didn't know that the huge dude I accidentally elbowed in the ribs was a former ABA champion - and seriously, when I turned around to apologise, it was like a skit - straight out of a film! I looked at his chest and then slowly looked up... #large David Haye | Hayemaker.com

He was smiling! everyone was smiling because the evening was really quite good, even for me - a complete boxing newb. If you're into a bit of boxing and you find fifteen quid in your back pocket - go support Steve and have a laugh and get informed!

Here's Steve Bunce with David Haye..

Steve and David having a yarn...

Not music, no, but a lot of fun...