aCurator - A Website Review

I'm always on the internet, somewhere, somewhy... And often I find sites that are inspiring and have great content, but just don't show it as it should be shown - BIG! I wanted to share a website that I've recently found (I can't remember how, perhaps via a tweet?) named aCurator. aCurator by Julie Grahame

aCurator was born out of frustration when Julie Grahame, long time veteran to pretty much all things photographic industry, wanted somewhere that displayed work as it should be viewed - full screen! - and shortly thereafter, aCurator was born...

Julie's Experience

Beginning at an early age running a C41 dev-and-print line, since 1990 I have spent: 16 years with the Retna Picture Agency (1990 - 2006) 10 years as co-owner of the Grahame Putland Gallery (1999 – present) 10 years managing fine art print sales for the Michael Putland archive (1999 – present) 5 years representing the estate of Yousuf Karsh for licensing (2004 – present) 3 years producing photo and video stories for ZOOZOOM magazine (2006 – 2009) 2 years building websites to drive traffic for print sales (2007 – present) 1 year running aCurator (2009 – present)


Member ASPP, Member APAG, Portfolio reviewer for ASMP, APA

The Site | When you visit aCurator, you're almost immediately confronted with the latest exhibition, full screen and in all its glory. With very easy navigation and easy to read captioning, the viewing

aCurator Julie Grayhame

Then, by simply clicking "Latest Features" you land on the page below and are able to choose from a whole truck load of other exhibitions (I like calling them that, darn it) The Subway Series is one of my faves!

aCurator Website Photography

aCurator was lovingly built by bigflannel not only because they create stunning websites, but because Mike Hartley happens to be married to Julie Grahame Perfect! Wouldn't you say?

This website is on my RSS list and I'm signed up to the newsletter, It is always exciting to see a new article go up online, I'd suggest you add it to your weekly inspirational viewing destinations, too.

Make sure you do three things... Subscribe to the aCurator Newsletter (Click About) so that you're alerted every time there's a new exhibition, then go and check out some of the awesome work that bigflannel does... You will have a better day because of it... I did! (I can't count, there's more!) "Like" aCurator on Facebook or if you're more the Tweeting type - then you could tweet with them on Twitter...

I hope this makes someone smile...