Chris Rose | Iron Man - needs your support!

A CCNA student we know called Chris Rose has taken it upon himself to enter  the 3 city triathlon.  To do this he needs people to vote for him. Only the 50 entries with the most public votes get considered, so he can't do it without our help!!


Apparently he will go for a very long swim in Paris, an extra-long bike ride in Brussels and then run around in London, sounds like a normal day at the office to me!

Chris is a top guy, likes chips and burgers and we are all amazed that he is doing it, but hey! who are we to deny the man the opportunity to knacker himself! Just look at his photos... Does this look like a sane decision?

You need to log in to vote, but you can do so with Facebook, please do visit the link below and show your support for Chris!! Well done Chris, you're a better man than I!