Crowded in here?

What's a live performance without a crowd? What's a band with no supporters? - Nothing, that's what. So, Today we take some time out to salute you, oh humble concert go'er! Tinchy Stryder had just walked on stage and swaggered past the girls at the front... pure emotion

Then, moments later, Unicorn Boy trotted up to the post to deliver a fiery set of drum 'n' bass 'n' hip 'n' hop... (look closely, you'll understand why I call him Unicorn Boy) Unicorn Boy?

A smiling face in a crowd will sometimes stand out, it's nice to capture that moment of someone throwing a shape and enjoying the tunes... smiley

Then, if it's just crazy and crowded, it's sometimes cool to fire a random shot of across the top and see what comes out... Spot you?

Spare a thought for the crowd, if they weren't there - you'd be a nobody.