Martina McWho?

You associate being asked to shoot from "some distance" with large names, Beyonce sized names... Not with people that less than a thousand people in the UK have heard of and certainly not because she doesn't look any good, she's a good looking girl who actually modeled in swimwear once... so, I don't see the issue... Martina McBride is one such private jet flying, take my photo from miles away type of person. I had a last minute pass to shoot for press tonight at Indigo2 - One of my favourite little "hidden gem" venues... I made it from Earls Court to Indigo2 in record time - Left mine at 19:20pm and made it for her call time of 20:00 - Miracle TFL, well played. Was there at stage side, as normal, about two minutes before she was on - The regular security guy popped over to say his regular (Have they the minds of Goldfish?) "You've shot here before? Three songs only" Which I am well aware of, yep - thanks... Then some other American dude about seven times the size swoops in and says "You're shooting from behind the audio desk, you know that right?" Now, I don't know if you've seen Indigo2, but if you're behind the audio desk at the back of a standing gig with the lighting that you get at Indigo2 from time to time - you might as well be standing in a neck deep tub of chocolate with your camera lens cover on... You don't get to move and you don't get any shots worth the £3.20 trip out there. You know what, I think I might invoice Martina for £3.20 for wasting my time... Not the sharpest tool in the shed are you, Mr. Security... Now instead of bad photos, your boss has no photos and it's all your fault :-) I spose I could have hung around and captured some nice shots of the LCD screens and sent them to press, looking like this!...

Martina McBlur

Frankly, I don't mind the trip out to Indigo2 and I certainly appreciate the venue organising my pass (As I've told them) but I don't enjoy having my time wasted by someone that doesn't think before he decides where photographers / press are going to be placed, and certainly doesn't bother to tell the venue and therefore wasting my time. I hope the £3.20 is paid out of his pay... Sorry security guy, FAIL... and Martina, FAIL... (By association, Sister)

Off to Sonisphere tomorrow, and, knowing my luck I will be placed in a cherry picker and hoisted up above the stage where I can't see the acts at all... But within reach of punter's beer cans... That's my luck that is.

Linkin Park - Look smart!

Sime x

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