Your Photo, Stolen?

Photography, Everywhere... People, Animals, Places, Things and Stuff... Everyone looks at images, thousands and thousands of them every day... I look up from my keyboard (I can't touch type bitches) and I see to my right, the Independent newspaper stuck to my desk with Storm Thorgerson images on it, there's a photo of my Orbis Ring Flash on the left, A photo on my monitor of Gary Numan... Then, if I look around the room briefly... My boss is looking at pictures of houseboats, There's a poster of a monkey and some other sporting stuff over in the GWS section of the room, There's a photo of the Poker crew on the wall above their desks (They love themselves!) See below...

*no photo here as it was stolen*

Everywhere we look we're stimulated by images, photos, paintings, art... So I guess it's probably right to assume that, at some point, one of us as a photographer is going to have her or his work flogged, stolen, nicked etc and used without her or his permission right?

*Yep, this one's gone too*

So, what would the internet look like without pictures? What would our towns and cities look like with no photographs reproduced and hung up for all to see? What happens when it all gets too much and nobody shares any work any more? What does this place we spend so much time visiting turn into?