Where from here?

Sonisphere UK I started photographing bands as an experiment in April last year... I love doing it, I've managed to get myself into some pretty amazing gigs. Counting Crows, The Prodigy, U2, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Razorlight to name a few larger concerts.. Some amazing venues, Wembley Stadium and Arena, O2 arena, Brixton Academy, Hammersmith Apollo... Knebworth and Benicassim - It has been an amazing, eye opening ride. A ride filled with rights issues, snooty PR people, power tripping security men and women and snobby artists, but it's had amazing artists, security and PR as well, and music and atmosphere that can't be bettered.

Edge, Up close and personal

I listed some names yesterday that I'd love to photograph, but, at the same time I have to ask myself why... In the 500 or so days that I've been taking music photos I've made very little by way of return. I've been told that "we have no budget" "what do you mean you're going to invoice us" "It's great that you're giving us the images for free" "You're welcome to shoot, we'll get a free copy of the images I assume" and many other phrases a lot like these... Well, I don't know, maybe I am an idiot, but at some point I have to start turning this around... I spend so much time doing it that it's passed a hobby - I'm not that bad at it - I rank in google (2nd page, hey.. getting there) but I'm all on my own here... Should I perhaps consider trying to get agency representation? Should I start taking photos of coffee cups for a micro-stock agency?

I don't expect hand outs, hell - you have to work hard if you want to get anywhere, right? And I love photographing music - totally, but where is that line?

Does anyone else have an experience like mine? Still rolling down that rocky road? Share it in the comments section below. Or should I just dress up like a freak and keep doing it for free?

Sonisphere UK