Print it, Feel good..

One of my work mates popped over this morning to deliver some old prints of his parents, and of their parents, to have me scan them in so he can re-print them.. So there I was, sitting at my desk enjoying the scent of the old prints, some on ilford, some on Agfa and some on Kodak Velox, and this thought and some spoken words on the subject from last night with M crossed my mind.. Your opinions at the end, please! So I was talking to M last night about getting some prints done of the boy, just have them printed out and stuck in an album... M's of the opinion that if something should happen to us, then Seb wouldn't have a clue where photos of him are, I mean, they're not on a shelf in an album really, but they're all in the one spot (well, a couple, actually).. So I suggested a Blurb album, she said, yeah - but you can't just take the photo out of the album, scan it and re-print it, can you? To which I cunningly replied " if we include a sleeve with a DVD of the original images he will be able to"

M's right though (women always are, dammmint)  There is nothing quite like opening a box and going through an album of actual printed photographs, but we've got to move with the times right? Or, Do we?

So, Questions...

1. If you were getting digital images printed in the UK, who would you use - not just for large prints, but for 8x10's and such? 2. What do you do about telling your children where your images are if they're all on disk and you "leave this planet unexpectedly"

Answers on a postcard, or just in the comments section below is fine!