Papa Roach - That Kiss - Brixton

I've had literally FOUR emails asking if I managed to snap a shot of the "embrace" between Papa Roach front man, Jacoby Shaddix and guitar god Jerry Horton.. The guys have been playing together for years, so hell, why not have some man love on stage. Here's that shot for all you people that just can't get enough, or, wanted to be either one of Jerry or Jacoby for that moment...

Papa Roach - A Close Band

A blisteringly good performance by the guys, Papa Roach has been making ear drums bleed since they decided to enter a school talent competition with a version of Jimi Hendrix' Fire... They didn't win... Later that year, Trombone became guitar (Jerry) and Jacoby met his wife, then girlfriend and fan.

You can find more stills on my Songkick or in my flickr