NiN | Sonisphere 2009

If I was asked, and I wouldn't be asked, what I honestly thought of the Nine Inch Nails performance on Sunday at the 2009 Sonisphere Festival, this is what I would say... "Trent Reznor, lead singer of prolific band Nine Inch Nails wasn't his usual self on Sunday. He appeared to be giving it everything he had left in his being, pouring what was left into the microphone in one last feeble attempt to please the pathetic, yelling fans that have stuck with NiN for so long. Reviews of the performance are calling it "Soft" and others sighting that "NiN really didn't deserve to be there" ...So, they had a bad day? there were clearly issues and hell, I salute Trent and NiN for the performance they put on and for the years of amazing music that they've given us... And if you don't like it, you can bugger right off" - Sime |

Trent Reznor | Nine Inch Nails

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