Will your Phone ever replace your Camera?

We all like snapping a photo with our camera while we're out and about, and a lot of people cackle in with that age old adage "The best camera you can have is the one you have when you need a camera" Yeah, that's all lovely and warm feeling but is it actually true? Nathan Pask Phone Photographer

With the introduction of higher resolution mobile telephone cameras, there has been some weak speculation that "one day you won't need to carry a camera" and that the technology exists to combine your mobile phone and your camera to reduce the amount of technology that you need to carry around. If that happens, I will welcome it with open arms (and a closed camera bag, no less!)

Can you imagine not having to carry around your dSLR to photo shoots? You're there mid-way through photographing Elle MacPherson and your mother calls, you simply lift your camera to your ear and tell her you're having a nice day and that you'd like a roast for dinner and then carry on shooting the next SketchBook Mag cover. No, It doesn't work like that.

Disco Stu Makes a Call on his Nikon dSLR

Apple iPhone set the proverbial cat amongst the proverbial pigeons with the 3Gs, claiming it had a better camera than anything on the market - I can't recall where I read that and it may indeed have been some hype straight from the dark hamsters website, but it certainly does do well and do you notice that it's only got a 3-megapixel autofocus camera and not an 8mp camera that some of the phones available today have.

Check these images out - iPhone 3Gs Set

Where do you think this will see us in two years time?

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I've emailed a couple of telephone manufacturers and have asked to try out a couple of high end camera phones for a story a lot like this one, but on dPS. If you're from HTC, Sony or Apple... Get in touch, right?...

Here's something I prepared earlier - these come to you via the iNQ Chat - 3.2MP