Rock Star, I think so...

I wrote recently that Martina McBride, or at least her entourage, were quite ...what's the word ...petty? Some musicians are great to photograph, some really worry how they look and want to protect their image and some just flat out won't let you near them because they've got bigger jowls than a Christmas turkey... (names, anyone - huge band, come on... Jenny was a friend?) anyway, yes... Last night I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Alice Russell.. The venue was KOKO (My current fave) in Camden and let me tell you - what a performance... Anyway, that's not the point - my point is that I shot for the whole set, encore, the lot... I went through three cards - two 4gb cards and a 16gb (half full) and I had an absolute blast doing it! - I was considerate to the fans, though, that had paid to stand behind me. I moved, I weaved, I ducked!.. I was a musical Mike "the ear biter" Tyson... You know, I'd love to show you a photo or two from that gig, but as I'm penning this whilst at work (The clock has since gone 6, oh reading boss man) and some lowlife scum dog has swiped my CF reader - I have ALL the photos, but they're enclosed in plastic and metal with a SanDisk Extreme IV label. So, instead, I thought I'd pop you up a photo of a real rocker - Formed in Melbourne so long ago, Bjorn Again - This photo was taken in England at Sonisphere 2009... This is one song before they performed ENTER SANDMAN - It was a cracking version, too.


On that note, I'm off home to get me some Alice Russell image goodness and, at that point, share it with you oh faithful tripe reader...

And if the stereo guy is reading (hi!) I am going to be listening to Alice in chains again, through my 7 channel amplified, but I'll turn five of them off - ok - just for you!... (Comment and tell me more about your course)


Metallica @ Sonisphere 2009

To share is a good thing...This is Metallica setting Sonisphere 2009 alight... James Hetfield of metallica

James and Kirk of Metallica

James Hetfield gives me "eye time"

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That Photo Pass...

I love my photo pass stickers... But my favourite one came this weekend in the form of Metallica... They had seperate accreditation for the weekend at Sonisphere (As did NiN and Linkin Park) well, here's my metallica one, it's awesomely large... Metallica @ Sonisphere