Nothing else matters... Or does it?!

Part Two... [follows part one]

That amazing song by Metallica, and a line uttered frequently by lovers in corny films everywhere (?) but if you think that SEO is all that matters, and that you should focus all your efforts on just that and that "Nothing else Matters" (See what I did there) then you're very mistaken dear watson...

Photos of Metallica at Sonisphere 2009 by Simon Pollock

I had a brief (umm?!) interview with the pretty darn awesome "Disco Stu" last night via Skype and one of the questions that he asked was "I look at your blog often and notice that you're talking about SEO which is out of the ordinary for you, why?" Well, I'm talking about it because I've recently joined ThirdTribe, a resource on internet marketing / social media and everything in between.  As a result, I've become about a million percent more aware of good practices for all of the things surrounding how and why you can make it easier to have the internet, and in-turn "buyers" find your photos and stuff.. The reason I'm sharing it is because I want people to get better at this stuff and starting to do something with their photography.

Anyway... This blog post is a very VERY simple part two...

"If you don't have decent content, it doesn't matter how much SEO you waste your time doing"

What do I mean? Well, let's just say that you google "Music Photographer" and that you, as a result, arrived here on my website... But that after 40 seconds you realised the content was utter crap... You'd never visit again, would you? That's certainly how I roll..."Content is Key, but if people can't find it... well, it's pointless! so, chicken, egg..."

But you're a music photographer, not a web guy?!

Yep, true... But these days unless you want to pay someone like me to run your Social Media (Damn I hate that phrase) for you, you're going to have to learn all this yourself!

Here's a list of cool photographers that have nailed it with "showing up"

Check them out. Now, think about what you would like to read if you went to a blog and start to work on the content of your own website and make sure it's good quality.