I did it my way...

I have a *nearly* three year old, and there's something I've come to understand - that is, for him to learn I need to involve him in *almost* everything, and, as a result, he's very interested in all that we do and he's also very inclined to want to try these things himself. One thing he HAS to do him himself is get breakfast ready... It's 6:47am and he's dragged me out of bed - this is after him coming in and kicking me out of my own bed at 2am... I'm in his bed, I don't fit, but I'm asleep! Grabbing my hand, he proceeds to try pulling me out of bed "DAAAAD! BREAKFAST!!!" Yeah, I'll be having an espresso first my man... I make my coffee whilst he potters about, then, as ever, I hear the chairs in the kitchen being shuffled about - I thought I'd document his little morning ritual... Who else has a mini-person that insists on making breakfast?

The chair to reach the oats...

I have your oats on my head!

I need a pan, dadda?

...and the lid!

Mmmm... Oats (He always eats a handful raw)

I know where the milk goes, in my tummy!

...then go 'looking for drumsticks'

You can see how I work in the mornings when M goes to work - from wherever I can, in this case, perched atop the coffee grinder. Yeah.