Boy with the gun | Music Friday

It's still Friday, though quite late here in Melbourne, as I wait for America to wake up for a couple of calls I need to make, I'm listening to David Sylvian - it just never gets old. Secrets of the Beehive[If you can, you should]

I've seen David Sylvian live in concert once (as opposed to dead, in concert?) in London at the concert hall on Southbank... It was experimental, random, a touch crazy - but this album, Secrets of the Beehive, it's different and less manic. It's more a car ride in a sweet old convertible - a sunny afternoon in the country.

I'm still listening to David, and I'm still waiting for people to get out of bed - I've also just had news that I'm going to be part of a cool new up-coming project! Stay tuned for that one! [Social Media for ******** and promoting a wicked ******** that's not even out yet]

Photos today - no Canon photographs, but a couple of iPhone photographs I liked, here's one below that I used in my 52 self portrait series... I don't have a name for it, thoughts? I went to a 'gallery opening' t'other night - it was all about street photography.. There was a room full of some awesome photographs and some crap, but the thing that interested me the most was this - half of it was Leica / Olympus etc, the rest was iPhone! And the best bit - hardly anyone knew the difference... Make art... Why not...

I quite liked the photo above - it's a bit of fun, edited in Lightroom, capture with my iPhone and an OlloClip Fisheye lens (Best $70 you'll ever spend on your iPhone, honest!)

Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens for iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S

Sunlight falls, their wings open wide.

Tell me, I've still a lot to learn - understand, these fires never stop.

Wicked Ways - David Sylvian

My older (but much better looking) brother, Matthew, supported me in my first year in Melbourne after I moved out of my parents home and "down to the big smoke" I realise it must have been a very trying time for him, but I certainly didn't see it that way at the time. We tend to take these sorts of things for granted, assuming that our siblings will just put up with us and our crap. We were close, but not so much as we are now, I know now that if I need to talk to someone about anything, he's fine with whatever I have to say - like a guide, a good guide. Anyway, there's a bit of information for you - My Older, but much better, published, doctor of language of a brother is a top bloke. That wasn't the point - the point was this. I would play his records (Oh Yes - Vinyl) when he went out, and sometimes when he was in, even. And there is one that has stuck with me through everything. Michelle refers to this music as "Slash up" music... It is dark, it is moody, it is perfect for a sunny yet breezy Sunday afternoon on the veranda of your beach house. David Sylvian (born David Alan Batt on 23 February 1958, in Beckenham, Kent, UK) is an English singer-songwriter, and musician. He came to prominence in the late 1970s as the lead vocalist and main songwriter in the group Japan. His subsequent solo work is described by critic Jason Ankeny as "a far-ranging and esoteric career that encompassed not only solo projects but also a series of fascinating collaborative efforts." Sylvian's solo work been influenced by a variety of musical styles and genres, including jazz, avant garde, ambient, electronic, and progressive rock. The album that sold David to me was undoubtedly Secrets of the Beehive and it's what I am listening to right now. I hope you have £6 that you can spend on some new, very old music. (Well, 1987) Beautifully soothing. 9/10 Stars