Drunk, Naked and alone - Festivals

There's a certain view when I'm talking to people that I'm lucky to have photographed two festivals this year, and, I guess I am in some respects. I got up close and personal (not that close and not personal at all, though I did say hi to the bass player from Alien Ant Farm and shook hands with the Saxon guys) and was able to roam around at the front of the gigs for three songs and go in the press areas and blah blah... I've chosen five VERY TAME photos from my festival collection from Benicassim this year to share with you... Though, it's not pretty lights and some over paid muso singing someone else' song to you in the wrong key, it ain't even someone singing their own stuff... it's the darker side to festivals... the spew, the urine, the alcohol abuse, the drugs and the general pushing and shoving of the whole thing... Some people love this and that's why they go - year in, year out to FESTIVALS...

At the front of the main stage where everyone walked through. Urine sample

Directly as they opened the main stage in the morning. Run to the hills

A girl, just off the crowd, passed out. Comfortably numb

This girl, tears streaming down her face, alone. I think we're alone now

This girl, passed out, being passed over the crowd. Like a rolling stone

...or so wasted you miss the lot? Leaving on a jet plane

Homeless? Wherever I may roam

Or, just Australian... ...or Just Australian!