What's up, earth?

**Update** : This is exactly what I mean... (from the bottom, up)

**Update** : What sort of sad individual do you have to be to, whilst people are really worried / scared / have family in shelter, spread rumours that the roof has been blown off and that damn walls are cracking... what is wrong with people?

So, America is snowed under, Australia is flooding, burning and now (in literally ten minutes) is about to be blown away.

What's with the weather today? What's with today, today..

I hope all y'all up north are OK..

Stay Safe..

Here's to blue'r times...

The day Benicassim blew away...

Friday proved a very difficult day for all at Benicassim. With winds gusting up to 30mph, most of the place blew away, basically. The day started out with winds gusting and blowing parts of the main stage away, you can see the Heineken banner being removed, this is after it started flinging bits of metal into the stage and (very luckily) empty crowd / pit area below... Not Staged

Then, as the wind got worse and the bands were playing, then not playing then playing, I looked across towards where the MTV production truck was parked, this is what I saw!!!

MTV's on fire!

It wasn't the MTV truck after all that - but it was a nasty little fire all the same!...

Orange Halo

The night fell upon, the main stage was deemed unsafe... It took over an hour to get home... This is how dusty it was...

Dusty Doom