Ricoh GR Digital III video review

Imagine yourself in a forest, screaming... That's right.. Blair Witch meets the Ricoh GR Digital III... I'm not the best "camera op" in the world and I'm pretty rubbish at editing, but here ya go! My little video with the Ricoh GR III a little bit of Alien Bee action, Some Orbis Ring Flash and Arm a touch of Canon 580 EXII and some Elinchrom to boot... Some facts, first, though about the little compact camera. Ricoh GR Digital III Equiv f1.9 28mm lens 10MP Basic Video AVI, RAW and JPG iso upto 1600 88mb internal memory

Full Spec

If you asked me what I thought of this camera, I'd tell you right away... "Please Sir, Can I have some more?" It is a great compact and I wouldn't hesitate in buying one... But will it hold at bay the Canon S90 that I have coming to me on test?

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Grrrrr, by Ricoh!

The Ricoh GRIII arrived from the guys at today. I have it to review, I'm going to check out the Canon S90 as well... I have to say, having owned Canon IXUS compacts since I purchased my first in 1999, A Canon A5 .9MP Camera, that changing to the Ricoh with the different interface / controls / layout is tricky, but should only take a week. I also have to say that immediately, the picture quality WALKS over anything I have had as far as a compact is concerned... More on this later, for now, Here's an old picture of the Ricoh GRIII The awesome Ricoh GRIII