Ginuwine & Joe at Indigo2

Latest shoot was last night at Indigo2 in the form of Ginuwine, an American R&B singer and Joe, American Grammy award-nominated R 'n' B singer and record producer AKA Joe Lewis Thomas at the good old Indigo2 out in the middle of nowhere... (not really, it's only a 50 minute commute from Hammersmith - each way!) But hey, I'm not complaining... Anyways, Images...

The Support - I didn't catch this guy's name, but you have to shoot support, right? I mean, they need all the support and help that you can give them... Ginuwine-Joe-Indigo2


Ginuwine was up next with some "booty shakin' goodness" I said, before the break, Ginuwine was up next... here he is Ginuwine-Indigo2-London-Photo


...and then there was Joe, with a real band and less yelling and hip thrusting, here's Joe... Joe-Ginuwine-Indigo2-London-Photo


...oh, and here's the proverbial "booty" see what I have to put up with! having people poke their tongues out and so on... hmmph! Booty-Joe-Ginuwine-Indigo2-London-Photo