BP's Black Gold Strangle Hold

Inspired by the blog of someone else, I've decided to take a bit more interest in what BP are doing to the planet with their "little spill" and whilst I understand it's quite difficult to just swim down and stick a cap on its leaky protrusion, as it's more than 1 Mile under water, I wonder if there's more they could have done? What would the Stig do? Let's look at the current oil spill, it's pretty darn big.. infact, let's imagine you've spilled the chip oil in your kitchen and it just kept flowing until your country looked like this... (check yours out here)

So that's out the end of the bay, up to Shep, across into the Alpine National Park and out as far as Hamilton! (Look out South Australia, here we come!) I popped across onto the BP website and this is the latest statement...

Update on Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - 02 June. BP today announced that it supports the U.S. government's decision to proceed with the construction of six sections of the Louisiana barrier islands proposal. The company will fund the estimated $360 million it will cost to construct the six sections.

360 Million dollars!! What would you do with that?

So, what can we do to help? Raise awareness? Stop filling up at BP? Burn our cars and dress in grass skirts?

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