Alexandra Palace

15 minutes spent at Alexandra Palace railway station, not time wasted. I wanted to spend some minutes taking photos of a few various pieces of the station, the detail that largely goes un-noticed. A special time, time spent at railway stations. Alexandra-Palace-Train-Station

What does this have to do with music? Nothing... I wanted to post it, so I did! Anyway, music... I learned one special thing tonight - stop over complicating things - I was thinking about a possible portrait shoot that I have tonight *looks at clock* with a boxing commentator, and I started to worry about it. How should I do this, how should I do that... I get so wound up that I have no way of possibly going to do that shoot and start thinking of ways out... This is all sillyness, I'm sure that if I calm down and think about it, that it will be fine. I few words of advice from my life mentor, Pasky, and I'm back on the straight and narrow... So, boxing tomorrow night, maybe Paolo Nutini again on Wednesday and then Thursday night it's off to KOKO for Blues and Soul magazine who seemed to like the Review / Images that Rob and I sent them for the Nate James Review. So it is busy times! and, speaking of busy times, I'm going to bed!

what's this got to do with music?