Fresh off the boat...

Morning all! It's Sunday night her ein Melbourne, I've finally made that move back across the ocean, car, baby, container and all... Living with family for a little while until our stuff arrives, I have the essentials (camera) and am excited about being 'home' and all the associated gubbins... I've flicked a few emails around looking to shoot some music - I shall see what comes of it! I'll be in Coffs Harbour for a month, and hope to get a couple of gigs in up there - should be fun! Thailand on the way home was lovely, well, parts of it were... Phuket, yeah nah... Khaolak was great though...

But enough of that... I've had to pop over the road to Maccas to post, update, email and work - internet here in Aus isn't what I'm used to! (Heidi, you were right!) so, more on that later, Telstra?

I've started a list of venues in Melbourne I'd like to shoot at, so we'll post on that in the coming week - see what we can rustle up (when I say 'we' I mean 'me' and have no idea why I said 'we' actually)

Things to ponder (Coming up this week)

  • Japan photographic fund raiser?
  • Photowalk in Melbourne in a month or two.
  • D.I.Y (ugh)
  • Photography in your local community.

Hope you're all well! Post a comment, say hello...